After the race at Paul Ricard the RSR 0060115 arrived back with us for it's first post race service. 

We had looked over the car at Paul Ricard so knew most of the items that needed anteding to. The last owner had raced the car but the maintenance seemed to be lacking slightly. So we know that we would have to give the car a little TLC and also some minor re-commsioning. This work included a thorough cleaning of the underside, boot, cockpit and engine bay areas, sorting through the wiring to make the car safer and the wiring more original, fitting of a modern fire extingusher system for safety, going through all the suspension and brake components also an engine out service. 

All of this work was very straight forward but the challange with a car like this is always to leave as much originality in tact as possible. This car had already been restored in the early 2010's but the body of the car is still very original with all it's scars from it's period races intact. As well as this the front boot area, cockpit of the car and engine bay are completely orignal. While we are the custondians of the car all of this needs to be taken into account and the car preserved as much as possible. This includes not drilling random holes when fitting the fire extingusher but using holes that are already in place. 

All in all a lot of effort went into the cleaning, re-commisioning and race preparation of this car between Paul Ricard and Monza historic. So the team and owner were rewarded with a trouble free weekend and also a 3rd in the GT class. 

Next up a little bit of winter suspension development for 2021