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Porsche 911 SWB Rear Hubs


We have remanufactured the rear inner and outer hub and flange for the SWB Porsche 911's and 912's. 

These hubs are firstly becoming ever increasingly hard to source and as well as that the original parts are now 60 plus years old. This means you can no longer guarentee the quality and strength of the metal. We have had our own failures using the old hubs and also seen the same happen to fellow SWB 911 racers. 

Our new hubs are remanufactured using the highest quality EN19 heat treated steel and anodised to finish. The parts are also tried and tested on our own race cars. Given the customer confidence in the end product. 

Sold without wheel studs but can be supplied and fitted is you wish. 

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PRICE £1,950

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